Information this site may collect about you:

The quick version:

We collect information about you but do not reveal it to anyone else unless you tell us to or unless you try to interfere with the operation of this site.

The long winded version:

Please note that this site has avariety of logs that record certain activities and identifying information about the visitors to this site. In general, the date, the time, the files you request, and the IP address of your connections to this site are recorded.

In addition, you may voluntarily disclose additional information about yourself by filling in a form (there are several on the site), posting a message on a message board, or by sending email to one of the email robots running here. The information that you disclose by virtue of filling in a form, posting on a message board, or sending email to one of the robots is considered public information and may be displayed in various ways on the site. If you do not wish to disclose such information about yourself, then DO NOT FILL IN ANY FORMS ON THIS SITE and DO NOT SEND ANY EMAIL TO THE ROBOTS ON THIS SITE. By filling in a form or sending email, you are explicitly granting us permission to disclose the information you are supplying.

The other information collected here is used solely for security and diagnostic purposes. For example, if attempts to defeat the security measures employed at this site are detected, the source is warned and barred further access, We may be required by law to reveal some or all of the information we collect and we will comply to all requests from law enforcement agencies.

The following information is collected with most forms:

  • Server date and time: [2024-07-13 10:18:35pm]
  • MIME types your browser accepts: [text/html,application/xhtml+xml,application/xml;q=0.9,*/*;q=0.8]
  • Your browser name and version number: [CCBot/2.0 (]
  • Your IP address: []
  • Your user name (if required): []